Sample BEERG newsletters & Briefings


Joint Press Release from BEERG and HR Policy announcing that BEERG is to become part of HRPA Global from October 1st 2021: 
HRPA Global+ BEERG Merger Press Announcement

Sample BEERG Newsletters (link)

Some BEERG/HR Policy Reports from 2023

IRN EWC article by Tom Hayes May 2023

Tom Hayes – EU Information and Consultation – The Coming Third Wave

BEERG Comment on Gender Pay Transparency Directive – Final

BEERG Perspective – BEERG Commentary On Radtke Recommendations on the EWC Directive Revision


Sample BEERG Perspectives + Surveys from 2022:

BEERG Perspective – P+O Ferries one-month-on – April 2022

BEERG Perspective – Supply Chain Due Diligence and importance of location – March 2022

BEERG Perspectives – Old Lessons for the New World of Work – Jan 2022

BEERG Perspectives – In defense of the modern office – Jan 2022


Misc BEERG Perspectives + Surveys from 2021:

BEERG Perspectives – The economics of Brexit – Sept 2021

BEERG Perspectives EWCs 10 year review – August 2021

BEERG Perspectives – Barniers masterclass on how to negotiate – Aug 2021

Survey on EWC meetings in 2021

BEERG Perspectives – Applying AI to IR -an opinion piece by Rick Warters

BEERG Perspectives – EU closing all avenues for legal EU to US data transfers May 2021


BEERG Brexit Blog: LINK